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All in one : Channel Manager – PMS- Booking Engine- MarketPlace
The one stop shop solution ,The one stop shop solution, PMS: Simple Property Management System with planner, cleaning scheduling, Check-In and Out, Booking Engine: Natively integrated.
Moussa S.

The Best Vacation Rentals Software
Pros: We have been working in the field of vacation rentals for more than 10 years and we have tested the most important vacation rentals software. Magarental is currently the best software for those who manage a considerable number of apartments in one or in serveral cities. The possibility of having in a single software all the functionalities necessary to automate the internal management processes is certainly one of the most important aspects. Joining Magarental means having a system that manages everything: reservations, contracts, invoices, channel managers, arrivals and departures, maintenance, cleaning and external agencies. Furthermore, in our experience, there is no one who is equal to Magarental so complete and which allows a maximum level of customization. Any functionality you want to add will be possible thanks to the ability of the development team to customize the software to your business needs. This is the strong point that nobody can guarantee (I guarantee you ).

Cons: The software is ideal for those who manage many apartments for those with strong growth prospects and need a partner with whom to grow their business. It is not suitable for individuals, small real estate managers who do not have personalization needs and strong growth. It is a system with many features that require some initial time (as it should be) to configure it. Considesince it will be the most important system for your business I suggest you do it. If you don't have the time to manage such a powerful program, don't start.
stefano the best rent - testimonial magarental
Stefano Tocci
Marketing Manager, The Best Rent S.r.l.

Magarental the King of Vacation Rental Softwares
Pros: Magarental is the most complete vacation rental software there is on the market now, which gives you the possibility to integrate with pretty much all major channels, including Expedia.

Cons: Like in everything, there is always room for improvement but at this stage I cannot fault anything, as the software does pretty much all we need.

Overall: One of the most relieable, if not the most, vacation rental software I came accross im my career. It is has been incredibly hard to find a stable, reliable solution able to satisfy our needs of Vacation Rental Managers. Also the price is very reasonable.
Marco Cocurullo
General Manager, Gocce di Capri

Magarental, a great choice, but not for everyone.
Overall: Our overal experience with Magarental is positive because of its functionalities, possibility to adapt to our requirements and its price quality ratio, especially compared to alternative solutions.

Pros: First of all I need to mention that we use this software for connecting our vacation rental product to ota's and other platforms only, hence we are not too familiar with the crm/pms/cms functionalities it has to offer. Magarental has proven to be quite a different product than what we initially could image, having had previous experiences with larger alternatives. The possibility to personally tweak, verify, adjust or adapt a large number of settings is not for the faint of heart but therefore more appreciated by who has an understanding of the matter. What is most appreciated is the flexibility of the system and the collaboration we have with Magarental.

Cons: It can take some time and patience to understand the software and the features it offers.
Roger B. - Halldis - Magarental Testimonial
Roger B.
Head of Distribution & Partnerships, Halldis



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